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What every new parent should know: how to content the first little one in your life 24/7.
Taking care of your little child you have to recognize that is not easy and it is the most important thing for you at this time. You need to be sure that your kid is all right at any time and you feel that nothing is enough to make you sure of that.
Simultaneously, the intellectual development of child also take place. He learns to read and write and increases his knowledge.
How much children mean to us,meet my sister's girl
Baby wipes, baby wipes, ever since I found you, I cannot live without you ~
Your childproofing efforts, it's a good idea to get down on your hands and knees in every room of your home to see things from your child's perspective.
How sexism could be percieved as developed in the modern world, and the role assignment in reproduction.
Picking a person who is trustworthy to share the parenting responsibility is not as easy as it sounds. In this article, I have summarized the most effective questions to ask a nanny candidate during an interview.
Raising a baby is a hard job. However, babies need everything in the early age to help them prepare for the old age.
There are many reasons why babies cry. I used to work in the Peds department so I learned a lot about why they cry. Here are some tips.
At first, baby will need to be fed frequently, for short periods of time. Feed him as often as he demands.
Babies are sometimes cranky when they become uncomfortable with sore gums. They then chew on anything in order to massage the gums and relieve the discomfort.
When your child tenses his stomach, draws up his knees and cries at a regular time each day- you can be sure that's colic.
Babies with fever may develop convulsions or fits. Fits are due to the baby's immature brain being susceptible to high temperatures. Febrile seizures may occur in children from age six months to six years.
The average weight of an Indian baby is around 2.7 kg at birth. Children who weight much less than 2.7 kg at birth are called low birth -weight infants.
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