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even before putting up a job opening, the employer already has some key things he needs from the prospective employee. what are those key things? they are not far-fetched.

Key things your prospective employer needs

It goes without an iota of doubt that your prospective employer already has some key things in mind that he needs from you even before putting out the job placement. Whether it’s a blue chip company or a small firm, believe me that they already have a made up mind as regard what they need their prospective employee to deliver. You cannot come short of the requirements and then convince them otherwise. All job seekers must bear this in mind and work on their packaging.

What are those key things required from you? You’ll be surprised. I am going to give you a list. While some job openings demand for most of these things, others just need some of them but it would really give you an edge over others if you possess a majority of these key things.

• A good degree
Despite the facts and ogling evidence that most degrees don’t actually tell how intelligent and capable an individual is for a particular job opening, most companies still place emphasis on good paper qualifications before considering any other factor. Most employers would require a first class, second class upper or second class lower honor from their prospective employee university graduates. Those graduates from polytechnics and monotechnics would be required to provide a distinction, an upper or lower credit minimum. The better your degree results, the better your chances. This is the situation of things these days. The Nigeria labor market is characterized by stiff competition especially now that the minimum salary grade has been reviewed positively. Those still in school should buckle up and work on their academics.

• Professionally related certifications and affiliations
The place of professional certificates and affiliations in job interviews cannot be over-emphasized. They give you an edge over your rival job seeker. They are evidence that you possess a unique set of skills or knowledge that other job seekers don’t have and immediately create a unique advantage for you.

There are certain certificates obtained from seminars, symposiums and as a result of positions held in organizations that could equally give you an added advantage in job interviews as long as you are able to defend them and they are from recognized institutions. Such certificates could include that from your computer appreciation classes, your services as an SUG, certificates from empowerment seminars, etc. Such certifications showcase your leadership skills, corporate ethics or job awareness skills.

Some job related professional affiliations are ICAN, CISCO, SAP, ORACLE 12g, COREEN, etc. You should never under-estimate the power of professional affiliations.

• Swimming skills
This is one skill that is required from job seekers. The ability to swim is often required from those going for oil and gas servicing related jobs. Where off-shore jobs are concerned, swimming skills could be a huge advantage, especially those going for IT placements. Job seekers who possess swimming ability stand a huge advantage when applying for openings in oil companies where most of their jobs are off-shore related. One good thing though; learning to swim is not that difficult. With concentration and dedication, you would make a swimmer in five days while four weeks could make you a relatively good swimmer. That’s how I personally learnt how to swim.

• Driving skills
Surprised! I guess you are. Some of you reading this might disagree and argue that what has driving got to do with applying for a job opening. As strange as it might sound, some job openings will be more advantageous if you have driving skills. A relation of mine had a job opening in Nigerian Breweries and one of the conditions for getting that job was the ability to drive. It was a strict condition.

• Ability to speak several languages
The ability to speak several languages will stand you at a huge advantage in financial institutions like the banks and in insurance firms where you engage in marketing. As tedious as it may sound, learning languages is not as difficult as it may appear. Aside the English language, I speak and write three other Nigerian languages relative well, and I learnt them without serious hard work but just plain interest. So, if you have interest in marketing or working in the financial institutions, learning some of the Nigerian languages will stand in your good stead. Though it’s not compulsory, it’s necessary.

• Know about the company’s products and services
Your prospective employer expects you to know some certain things about their organization. There is every possibility that they will ask you questions designed to test whether you did your homework or not. For example, you could be asked one or more of these questions that require knowledge of the company:

 What do you think it takes to be successful in this career?
 Do you intend doing independent research?
 Why do you want to work in the………….industry?
 What do you know about our company?
 Why are you interested in our company?

Do spend some time researching the company by examining the company’s annual report, company website, and external sources of information. But don’t just stop there. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the key industry (or industries) that the company or division operates within. Here’s a quick checklist for researching companies:

 Company website
 Google research
 Annual reports or other printed materials from the company
 People you know who work there; part of your network or alumni
 Customers and vendors
 Library: print, online, CD resources, online library databases, etc.


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