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In my article there is a brief introduction on how to parental care your children during different stages of life

parental care

“Daddy I want to become superman when I become big like you” .Well these were the words said by me when I was in grade 2 .Well bringing up a child is the most difficult task ever in a man’s life. My father often says you will know my difficulties only when you have a son just like you pestering for each and everything .At that time my reply to him will always be “I won’t scold my son like you dad.” This may be the case with many before they actually get a child.
Parents care is often mistaken in many cases like being strict to the child .There is no reason to be so because a child is in his learning stage .As in my case I used to go near the candle to catch the flame but now and then my father used to warn me not to touch as it may burn my little finger. Out of curiosity I happened to touch the flame and started to cry. From then on whenever anyone went near the flame I used to warn them “papa papa ooo ooo”. Childish language as said by my dad.
Next comes the most important the age for a lifetime. Teenagers are more often said to disobey the elders. The term they coin for this disrespect is generation gap. Who said your parents are old fashioned. They have just stayed in their times to watch us grow. Parents need to talk to their children about the common problems that occur at this age, from love to friendship to all other things.
Children learn from mistakes. But many parents really don’t want their children to learn so they always want them to be right. Knowing each other and understanding each other’s feelings is another important thing at this age. The child must be given enough freedom to express his views openly. Nevertheless not all their desires will have a meaning. At this age only guidance is needed and all they need is a hand to tap on their back and not a wheel chair that guides them all along. Let the child decide what he wants to be. Let him carve his own future. A good parent will always be a good friend correcting the child whenever he goes wrong and will bring out his hidden talents. Remember the tree that is hidden inside the seed will come out only if given water.
He may be weak at heart due to his failures in many things in life. A good parent will always have faith and trust in his own child. Support him if he is right. A soft grass can hold the toughest clay with its roots. Teach him to be kind .being kind doesn’t mean that he is weak. Kindness and affection are the biggest gifts that one can give to the world. As said by Mother Theresa “I don’t have money to serve all these people but I have my biggest gift “LOVE” .At last teach your children to be humans.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
4th Mar 2012 (#)

This is fine article about human core values being instilled, while there is time during the teen years, after that, it is pretty much up to the young man or woman to start exercising or putting into practice what they had learned from Mum and Dad. Great share, I am putting it on my Facebook page.

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author avatar prasanna pressy
6th Mar 2012 (#)

thank u , this was my first post. and am glad u liked it.

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author avatar Sheela
6th Mar 2012 (#)

really awsome prassy u have differentiated the stages which is the true one now.......... really hats off to u.......... expecting more articles from u my best wishes to u........

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author avatar prasanna pressy
6th Mar 2012 (#)

thank u . hope to carry on well... aal izz wellll...

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