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When our memories comes back at one in retirement its unreal the things we do as children to create our own fun. we didn,t get toys in those days like they do today. So we had to make our own fun. the country life exciting play things

Our farm yard games

we live in the country. my dad was a share milker. on this farm. At this time my mum wasn,t around and my dad looked after us. It was a big job for him and we weren,t the best behave children of looking for devilment things to do.
We had horses we could ride and most of animals most farms have..
milking cows time was the best time of all.
Its time to round up the cows and bring them to the shed.most of the time the cows would make there way to the shed. on there own as they automatical know what time to come to the shed.
Us children would wait for the cows to get to a certain place. Of cause it had to be raining to make the ground nice and soft, and slippery
we wait and wait till the cows got near.
Then we would give them a shoo. grab there tails. and swing on them as they galloped down the race. slip slop in the mud. we were about 8-9 at this stage. this went on for quite some time before we were found out.
The poor cows they would run as fast as they could to make us let go of their tails.
By the time they got to the shed. they were tired out, and so were we .Before the shed we stop and rest in the hay bails. out of sight so the owner wouldn,t see us
The boss man over my dad. told him that we had to stop doing this as it was preventing the cows from giving milk. "Get your kids under control or your jobs on the line." He yelled.
When the milking was over , we were in for a good telling off. as my dad didn,t know we were doing it.
It was fun at the time and we respected our dads wishes not to do it for fear he might loss his job.
When one looks back on this childish behavour one can only imaging how things like this, really does amuse children. to us as children this was a great game to play with out realizing the repications of cows giving milk.

The horse back ride

After not being allowed to swing on the cows tails. I found another activeity to amuse my self. I just loved being in the country it was so exhilarating. The fresh air and plenty to do, right up till dark, and riding a horse for miles was a great pleasure I enjoyed so much. This afternoon I put the bridle on a horse we were allowed to ride. jumped on his back , with out a saddle. As I couldn,t hold on with a saddle and off we went.
The race I would gallop up was about 3 km long as it stretched as far as the next properity.
To get my balance my legs clunge around the belly of the horse and one hand out stretched. I giddy up the horse," wow " this is great fast and flat tack. I was thinking free as a .bird, I felt like I was flying. The horse and I glidded up to the end of the race, befor turning around to head back again.
Coming back down we took it slower as I decided to cut across the paddocks this time. and as the gates were closed. one had to open them as one went and shut them after one..
I came to a swampy pieces of ground and it look firm enough.And I thought I,d cut across this part as it did look firm enough. Half way through and the horse began to sink.. It can,t be that deep, I thought, The horse keeped sinking. he was up to his waist. in the mud. I started to panic , If I stepped of him,i Thought," as I could of done the ground was up to my feet. I might sink too.
Both of us were stuck into the middle of a swampy ground, not knowing what to do, the horse couldn,t get his feet. to walk out of it. and I could get of for fear I,d sink to. The more we moved the more we sank..
Glancing around to see just how far it was to the firmer ground, If I could just manage to get to that part over there where. the footing was firmer. I might have a chance to pull the horse out.I was panicing all the time being afraid Ill get a telling of If anything happened to the horse.
Well here goes Ill have to try this., If I can jump to the firmer ground and pulled the horse. his feet might get unstuck. from the soft ground.As I stepped from the horse. and jumped to firmer ground I keeped hold of the reins, And as soon as my weight was off his back ,the horse bounded to safty. The reins dropped from my hands. and the horse galloped back to the house leaving me to walk the rest of the way home on foot.
When I got back the horse was standing by the gate to the house. I was a bit worried if his legs were damage or not , so I checked them out. as best I knew how. and took the briddle off him after I put him back in his paddock. Was the horse playing games with me.made out he was stuck and once I off his back he would take of and leave me to walk home. one will never know. what a horse thinks when we push them to their limits.
I was only a child back then , but we did know about farm life and animal care and dangers


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