What is The Importance of Education?

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Education is the best investment in today's world that cannot be stolen. Once you educate an individual you give them the whole world.

Get Educated.

Education is like a master key that can open several doors and if you only have one thing to give to your child as an inheritance ensure that he or she gets a good education.

Education can be described as transferring of knowledge, skills, customs and values from one generation to another.

There is this family in my neighborhood that had seven children and they were not very well off financially and it seemed such a big burden for the father to pay school fees for all the children and this particular child stood out because she was so intelligent and the father had to ask an older sibling to repeat a class so that he could afford to pay exam fees for the intelligent child and it looked so unfair at the time but today she is a well recognized doctor in my country.

Just being able to write your name or read the street name all comes down to having been instructed by someone.

The world keeps changing and we all need to keep up with it and the cutting edge technology that changes day in and day out.

Living in a developing country has its challenges and education is very important in keeping up with what is happening around the world especially in the ICT field.

As humans we are born with an empty brain that has so much potential and what we expose it to is what it becomes. Give your child every possible opportunity to learn and he or she can be a great individual.

Everyday is an opportunity to be educated and no one is too old to learn and that is why adult education has become available in most areas.

So in short, education sharpens our brains and opens our eyes to all that we are able to achieve and make our everyday life better than it was in the yester years.

It is never too late to be educated, take a step today and find out which avenue is open for you and get an education.


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author avatar Pradeep Kumar B
22nd May 2012 (#)

Good article. Thank you.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
22nd May 2012 (#)

I agree education is so important, yet I also feel it is being stolen from the young by declining standards.

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author avatar Rosaline
23rd May 2012 (#)

Thanks Pradeep for taking the time to read and comment and for the compliment as well

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author avatar Rosaline
23rd May 2012 (#)

Thanks Peter for taking the time to comment and especially for giving a go ahead to my page by moderating it

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author avatar Retired
2nd Jul 2012 (#)

Education is polishing and filling of human personality, so that it reaches its fullest development. It enables one to lead a better physical, intellectual and spiritual life, that is why Thorndike said that education means growth while growth means many sided development thus it enables a person live hygienically and to earn honest living.....
THANKS ROSALINE FOR SHARING SUCH A USEFUL article, looking forward to your forthcoming posts.

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author avatar Rosaline
3rd Jul 2012 (#)

Thanks Waleed for taking the time to read and comment.Much appreciated

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