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This is about confusion in peoples lives, in the government, and every where!!!

Working and Living with Turmoil

Everywhere you look there is some kind of turmoil, even in the home there is some kind of discord, the mother wants to do something and the father wants to do it a different way, and that proves that there is more than one way to do it, whatever it might be.

There is much turmoil in Europe and the Mediterranean countries, the Greeks had to be bailed out and it seems they are still going to go under, that means the economy of that part of the world is crumbling , the thing we worry about, is it going to crumble so far that it can’t be fixed? No one seems t o have an answer.

If you want to look at the money exchange rate of all the countries, along with the histories, you will find that none are any too stable. There are a great many factors that influence the way all the currencies are traded; I am by no means an expert in that field. If you want to follow the rates and draw your own conclusions you can access the web site of xe.com make your own chart and follow it: www.xe.com is where you will find it.

In the United States there is record unemployment, partly deliberately caused by the government. The government is controlling everything, for instance how is the contractor going to build houses if he can’t buy lumber. He can’t buy lumber because the Government controls the logger, the saw mills and the transportation of getting it to the lumber yard that the contractor buys from. You are paying record prices for lumber because everyone has to pay the government fees, so it is passed on to the consumer, that is why a home buyer is charged $100,000 for a $30,000 home, and the government backed financing allows it to happen by making the loan.

Now they worry about consumer debt, if we are going to buy a house we have to pay those prices, or live in a tent. But due to climate extremes it’s not possible in most parts of the country. In my home area the temperatures range from 0 degrees to over 100 degrees. So you see we need a house to live in, but not one that costs over $100,000.

The president and his congress just turned down a deal that would have had several thousand jobs for the American worker, and it was a political move. These thousands of worker need the jobs to keep from losing their overpriced homes to for closure, by the finance companies owned by the Government.

The turmoil in all this is never ending, it goes on and on, what is it fueled by? It seems to me that it is caused by power and greed; everyone wants the power, why? So they can become wealthy at the expense of other people. The politicians will deliberately cause turmoil to create wealth for themselves.


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19th Apr 2012 (#)

so true well put

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