The Truth about Feng Shui and Fish Tanks

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Feng Shui Fish Tanks in your home. The best feng shui tips for you to improve your life.

Feng Shui Fish Tanks

Many believed about the myth of feng shui and fish tanks. Some say that you a certain number of fishes in order for your prosperity and luck would increase. According to the so called “Feng Shui Principles”, where this idea comes from, these are the numbers of fish you will need to have:

1 fish – offers new beginnings;
3 fish – brings growth and development;
6 fish - promotes wealth and prosperity;
8 fish – increases money and family stability;
9 fish – long life.

Many have tried this but the big question is does it work?
Honestly, no, it does not work.

The explanation why it is just a bunch of nonsense, it is because those numbers were mistakenly based from what is called the ‘Zi – Bai’ Fu or also known as the Nine Palace Floating Stars. Those numbers were based from the elements (1 = water, 3 = wood, 6 = metal, 8 = earth, and 9 = fire). Neither of these numbers or elements has a relation to fishes. So do not believe on whatever that those so called feng shui experts are saying.
In contrast with the statement above, some experts claim that it is true. They are using the Gua number of the person who wants to have a fish tank. The Gua number is calculated from the year that you were born. It is used to determine your lucky and unlucky sites and directions. In order to know your gua number, you can calculate it here.

Here are some gua numbers with their corresponding elements and number of fishes:
• 1 – It belongs to the water element. The lucky number of fishes you should have is 1, 6, 4 and 9. 1 and 6 are the early number of water element while 4 and 9 are the early number of metal element, which is compatible with water element.
• 2, 5, 8 – belongs to the element earth.

The lucky numbers are 2, 7, 5 and 10. 2 and 7 are the earth element’s early number while 5 and 10 are the early numbers of the fire element. These numbers complement one another because fire element supports the earth element.
• 9 – It belongs to the fire element. Its lucky numbers are 3, 8, 2 and 7. 3 and 8 are the early numbers of the wood element and 2 and 7 are the early numbers of fire element. In feng shui, wood element supports fire element.
So, it is up to you whether you will believe this or not. Nonetheless, there is nothing bad if you do believe.

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31st Oct 2012 (#)

Interesting feng shui.

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31st Oct 2012 (#)

Great article to share.

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