The Secret to an Everlasting Love Relationship Told in Less Than Four Minutes

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Don't you wish you know before marriage the secret to your lover's heart to help you keep him forever or at least for as long as you want, and avoid this way the nasty complications beyond divorce?

The unbeatable paradox of divorce: the more you admit to him the less face is left for you

Except when death breaks a couple apart, there is nothing more painful than a divorce while one of the spouses still loves the other. Now forget about the pain. Even if you dismiss the religious implications of a divorce there are still many issues that make a divorce hateful. Let us say that you don't have pride issues, so you don't have any trouble admitting that your ex was your best, which indirectly means you won't have eyes for anyone else no matter how charming that person is, so most probably you won't get married again.

Here it comes: even if you don't keep in touch, he will know (men always have their ways to know what they want) and, just between him and himself, your ex will take it as a personal triumph and he will belittle you as worthless and justify so his cheating on you or his dumping you. So what do you do to save face?

1) You go "hunting" a higher trophy regardless of your "nada" feelings and get in line breaking the heart of your innocent victim with hotter looks and more impressive CV than your ex's?

2) Just play honest and tell your trophy that you want him as another piece in your assets inventory and cross your fingers he will say yes?

3) A funny solution to this - to genuinely lie to your trophy and demand him to ask your hand from your brother, where your supposedly brother is no one else than your ex, this way your ex will find out first hand how many were willing to ask your hand in marriage and you refused?

4) you could pass through a chain of engagements and collect the rings, if you are less scrupulous

I wish I had a man's confidence

In any case, beware of the excuses he may find for your receiving proposals: he wants her for money, he wants her for entry visa, he wants her for...(fill in whatever suits you). He will never think, yeah, she deserves someone better than me and this guy IS better.
If you think of a better solution to save face after divorce by all means stop and write it on comments. Just don't tell me he has already went on with his life and pushed you to the back of his mind, because this can not be the truth if you were who you were and had what it takes to be unforgettable.
It is known that men are more pelvis oriented so if it seems that he moved on he just found another partner in bed. He will have to wait much longer than just few years to find a real match to replace you with IN HIS HEART AND MIND.

Considering all these divorce complications, better avoid it: keep in shape and learn the secret to the eternal marriage the way described in less than four minutes in Eyes on me . Have handy the lyrics by Celine Dion too.


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author avatar Nitul anand
6th Aug 2012 (#)

Love pays risk !
Life pays sorrow. !!
I will pay for love !!!
Will you pray for me ...???
The God ....
....The most wanted ...!!!

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author avatar boema6
6th Aug 2012 (#)

Thank you very much for the nice comment, indeed no mortal is worth supreme love and blind trust

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Aug 2012 (#)

It should be a total mismatch to fail in marriage. I agree some are plain selfish and the fact is known too late! Agreed, when marriage fails, it is tough to recover from the blow; it does not matter who is at fault - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
7th Aug 2012 (#)

most interesting piece boema6...I sometimes think 6 of one and 6 of the other...and people come together to sandpaper each other into the perfection of who they are..such a shame they do not know how to handle breaking up when the karma is over..instead of negativity it would be nice to move into acceptance and then move on in loving...I guess I am an idealist or some such thing!!! anyway thank you

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author avatar boema6
8th Aug 2012 (#)

Thank you

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