Simple Tips To Help You Tone Up After Having A Baby

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New mums all know how difficult it can be to get back into shape when you have a new baby. Here are just a few simple ways that will help.

Simple steps to help you tone up.

Any woman who has had a baby will know how difficult it can be to lose that baby fat. It is nothing to be ashamed of; it is after all natural that we put on a few pounds whilst we are pregnant. I have had two children and both times I put an a little too much weight for my own liking. It can be difficult, especially if you have had a cesarean or problematic birth.

Being a mum, you just do not get the time to go to the gym or follow that fitness DVD that you may have. There are a few helpful tips that I can offer you, which you may find useful. Tried and tested personally by me, I am convinced that it was following these simple steps helped me to regain my pre-pregnancy figure.

When doing housework, pop on some music and dance whilst you carry out your chores. Stretch up high, when trying to reach those cobwebs. It does not have to be loud pop music (especially if baby is sleeping), try classical music; this way the dances can be less vigorous, gentler. It still helps. I used to exercise or dance whilst preparing the baby’s bottle or family meals too.
Lie on your back on the floor holding baby close to your chest, then lift him up high above your chest and gently back down again. Smiling and talking to baby all the time. Repeat this move 20 times, or as many as you feel you can, as long as baby is happy. Treat this as a playtime or bonding time.
Take baby for a walk. It does not have to be a long walk, just 10 minutes, if that is all you can spare. Not only will you benefit from the walk, but you will both be getting fresh air too. If you can manage a longer walk, even better. You could get a group of new mums together and start a regular walking group. It will get you out of the house, and you will make new friends in the process.
How many times a day do you have to go up and down the stairs? Instead of walking, try running up and down. I still do this today, it works wonders.
Obviously, try to eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Drink lots of water too.

Pelvic Floor exercise.

This is an exercise that can be carried out anywhere. I used to do this sitting in a chair, or whilst feeding baby. You can even do this when chatting to visitors; they will not even know you are doing it as it is so discreet.

Breathe in and as you breathe out gently squeeze your pelvic floor muscles. Pull your muscles up and in (as though trying to stop yourself passing urine). Hold for five seconds continuing to breathe in and out as normal. Gradually build up to holding a pelvic floor contraction for 10 seconds while breathing normally. Keep your breathing controlled throughout the exercise.


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author avatar wordcraze
25th Apr 2012 (#)

easy n fun to do ...

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author avatar jennyreeve
25th Apr 2012 (#)

Indeed, so easy and very effective. Thank you for reading.

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author avatar aswini
3rd Feb 2013 (#)

really helpful, I will begin to do by today itself.

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author avatar jennyreeve
4th Feb 2013 (#)

Thank you aswini, good luck.

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author avatar Rose*
13th Aug 2014 (#)

I don't think it's fat exactly - you increase your blood supply when you get pregnant and it takes your body a while to adjust back

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