Sexy Lip Service

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Taoists in China believe that prolonged erotic kissing leads to inner body energy exchange, the Yin and the Yang, making sex a much deeper and more profound experience

Sexy Lip Service

Breaking the ice with an interesting, and potentially interested new sexually attractive person, can be something you struggle with. Watching the way their mouths move and wondering how those lips would feel pressed against yours, is a normal daydream, with. kissing being such an intimate yet simple act that we should devote more time to.

Lips are among the most erogenous, and sensitive zones in your body, often overlooked because eating and talking seem to be their main occupations. It is true to say that, packed full of nerve endings as they are, the lips have an enormous capability for giving us pleasure. Indian followers of the tantric arts believe that female upper lips connect directly to the sex organs, the mouth here in the west seeming sadly neglected when it comes to sex, by far too many people

Taoists in China believe that prolonged erotic kissing leads to inner body energy exchange, the Yin and the Yang, making sex a much deeper and more profound experience. The biggest part of sexual pleasure is the foreplay, and a long series of deep, sensuous and sexy kissing will really stoke the smoldering fires.

Kissing has not, as you might suppose, actually been normal practice since the dawn of history, middle age Western cultures actually frowning upon such intimacy, and outside of actual sex, contact was simply kissing of hands, so Maid Marian would have been outraged had Robin Hood dared to press his mouth to hers.

Sex is used very much as a sales aid nowadays, making us generally more blasé about the pleasures it can bring to us, thinking more about the physical than the emotional side, probably our biggest mistake, because kissing is not merely foreplay, but an important intimate connection to another person..

Every kiss does not lead to sex by any means, for very often a simple kiss and cuddle from somebody can really brighten up a person’s day. The bonding that takes place between people, when they kiss in a simple declaration of their feelings, is a very powerful thing

When a relationship is flagging, or a new one is underway, it can be kept fresh and interesting by plenty of lip contact, the mouth and lips so sensitive to touch that a buildup of sexual energy inside of you will be sparked every time such contact occurs. If one starts with gentle kissing, the tenderness evoked will soon cause an explosion into deeply passionate smooching.

Time taken over intimate mouth play will be well spent, slow journeys increasing expectations of exciting arrival at the desired outcome. Just as slow and lingering makes the bedroom fireworks more explosive, so the lingering and passionate kiss for your partner in the morning, as they leave for work will have the pair of you dwelling on it during the day, looking forward to an evening repeat.
Public kissing became more usual, over the last few hundred years, and one thinks nothing of seeing couples with mouths melded together anymore, but do not ignore the beneficial effect it can have on the whole of your life, if you start to think long and hard about your attitude to kissing, and the intimacy it can involve.

The way you use your mouth, not just in conversation, can make all the difference to your social life, where the opposite sex is concerned. Lips that linger, in the process of contact with others, prolong the pleasure and the expectation of more, making sex an altogether more satisfactory experience.

Become a slow kisser, taking plenty of time about it, and your love life will improve dramatically, for while a good body is a definite asset, a sexy set of lips will take you so much further, and using them properly, you’ll never look back. Let yours always be sexy lip service, and you’ll be everyone’s best friend.


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