Sex and Marriage: Why The Sex Stops After Marriage

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It focuses on the significant reasons due to which a couple leads sexless marriage

Sex and Marriage: Why The Sex Stops After Marriage

Marriage is a life changing event with which many other changes come along. Sex, an important aspect of marriage also undergoes drastic change once the couple gets tied into a bond. With the ties of marriage, some couples tie the freedom and enjoyment of sex as well. The latest surveys conducted to find out the number of married couples living in a sexless marriage were staggering as it consisted of a huge percentage of the married lot.

Change of Nature with the Change in Relationship

The fact can’t be denied that with the change of relationship, the nature and behavior of the person towards the other person also changes to some extent. Though these changes are not sudden but, these appear with the time spent with one another. Reduction in the frequency of sex is also a part of this change if it’s compared to the intensity with which it was done when the partners were not married.

Increased Responsibilities

There are various factors which affect sex after marriage. The first and the foremost reason is the increase of responsibilities on the couple after tying the knot. With added responsibilities, the priorities of life also change and sex is kept on the backburner to fulfill other duties like earning more and refining the living conditions.

Before marriage, a couple meets for only sometime in which nothing else than love remains the priority and they try to spend the maximum time expressing their love towards each other. When the couple starts living with each other after the marriage, they come to know about every little thing of each other which wasn’t even thought of before. Many discoveries are appreciated but, there are also many which irritate the other person and the charm of love as well as sex in the marriage diminishes with time.

Less Priority to Sex after having Kids

What result we get from our performance depends on the priority which we give to it and the fact can’t be denied that sex never remains a priority after marriage. Till the time a couple doesn’t have children, it remains a need but, after getting children, women think that the purpose of sex is over so it’s not required anymore. The lack of interest of even any one partner discourages the other and thus the charm of sex completely fades away from the married life.

Difference in Appetite of Men and Women for Sex

It’s a scientific fact that the appetite for sex for men and women are different. What may be more than enough for a woman can be less for a man. The responsibilities of the children, house and if the woman is working then, the burden of her job squeezes out all the energy to have anything left for having sex or allowing her partner to enjoy her tired body.

Lack of Open Discussion about Sex

Both the partners are equally responsible for this. Sometimes, even men get tired and avoid women as they remain too much stressed with their job responsibilities and brightening the future of the children which is kept on his shoulders after marriage.

As couples don’t give priority to sex, they don’t even find the need to discuss about it to their partners. They consider it as a part of their life and take it to be normal with other responsibilities gaining upper hand.

So, the need is to understand the significance of sex in a marriage bond and give it priority to enjoy the bliss of marriage to the greatest extent.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st Jun 2012 (#)

Try Domestic Violence. It is a common thing which hits many households and highly prevalent in India too.
I have told my husband to stay away in another country because of this and of course interference of relatives and friends in a inter-caste inter-religious marriage cause more problems as they did in mine.
I took a vow of celibacy because he cheated on me and because his mother and his family wanted another wife. That is also common in India too. One of the main reasons why I am not proud to be called Indian.

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