Psychology of Sexual Attraction

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You might think that the way she crosses her legs or holds her head are good signs and you could be right but there are even more obvious things to look out for and they don’t involve psychology.

Psychology of Sexual Attraction

Ever get that envious feeling when some guy you know vaguely seems to know exactly which women to hit on while you sit there clueless and frustrated? Does he have some magic formula up his sleeve or is he just one lucky so and so. Maybe not because although it seems to you that he is somehow ‘psychic’ about women, it could just be that he’s in the know.

You might think it far-fetched to tell how a girl is likely to respond to your advances just by looking at her, but it has more truth to it than you might imagine, because lots of physical clues are here if you know how to look. Being ‘psychic’ about women isn’t magic, even if you can make it seem so to envious male friends.

Body language comes in different forms. You might think that the way she crosses her legs or holds her head are good signs and you could be right but there are even more obvious things to look out for and they don’t involve psychology. A lot is given away by the attributes of the body itself.

Attraction B

Take the hands, for example. Large, wide ones with thick, long fingers and broad nails are sure signs of a girl with a lot of sexual stamina, who enjoys taking some risks in her sex play. Girls with slim hands, narrow palms and pointed fingers tend to be shy but very loyal once you’ve gained their trust, though they don’t go in for bullshit.

Medium size hands with slender palms and tapering fingers are sure indicators of an imaginative lover who likes role playing and a slow build up to sizzling sessions between the sheets, while square hands with short fingers give away the dependable, passionate nature of a girl who likes to be a friend but isn’t a natural flirt.

Look too at the way she holds her fingers. Palms up and fingers splayed while talking demonstrate this girls openness while the clenched fingers indicate a girl who likes to keep secrets and isn’t very generous with her affections. A short little finger is a sure sign of a serious flirt who is often very much a tease.

Keep looking for other giveaways, too, like the body shape. Pale skin with athletic build and sparkling eyes in a young face usually belong to a girl who is calm, patient and sympathetic, but also moody and unforgiving. She likes a guy who is sensitive and makes her feel important.

Attraction C

The large built girl who is cuddly and ‘big boned’ will be friendly, easy-going and loving. She will respond very well to being pampered. The stocky type with a reddish complexion will be energetic, honest and very passionate. She’ll be impulsive and quick to argue but they really take to confident men.

The slim and agile girl with the pointed chin comes across as clever, witty and active and is usually nervous and very critical, but a guy who enjoys deep conversations and has a ready wit will always fare well with this girl.

Attraction D

How are her eyes? Big ones belong to bold and adventurous girls who love excitement while small eyes are the province of cautious types who’d rather think than do. If the eyes slant upwards she’s confident and proud with a quick mind. If downward she’s fair, kind and understanding.

Brown eyes are often seen in extroverts who are warm and excitable while Hazel eyes show intelligence and tolerance. Blue eyes tend to be introverted while green ones always think things out carefully before acting. Green eyed girls are often clever, cheerful and full of themselves.

Don’t forget to take in the clothes your target is wearing either, especially the colors they favor. Girls wearing red mostly have warm and friendly personalities and are fun to be with. Full of optimism and energy, they can display a fiery temper and like to be in control when they get you into bed.

Attraction E

Girls in blue are often conservative, loyal and introspective. They tend to gain trust because they are sympathetic and sensitive but they get bored and frustrated very easily. Tend to prefer sex without frills or fancy extras. Those who wear yellow, on the other hand are the life and soul of any company.

Bright and positive, they love being the center of attention and make really loyal friends though they can also be nervy and irritable. These girls never take sex too seriously so you can have a lot of fun in the sack. Wearers of green are often adaptable, generous and good listeners. They don’t like to argue and always debate the pros and cons of a situation. They can get jealous and sulky, but they are always open to saucy suggestions when it comes to sex.

Girls who wear orange are enthusiastic and sociable with an uplifting quality that draws others to them. They tend towards restlessness and showing off but it find it hard to unwind so they often have explosive tempers. These girls love lots of sex but aren’t big on foreplay. They prefer getting down to business a.s.a.p.

The lady in white likes to keep her feelings under wraps and to be in charge of things. She’s a perfectionist and likes things being in a certain order though she’s always keen to see that her partner gets as much out of sex as she does. Her in black, on the other hand, will be strong willed and independent with a firm sense of discipline. She can be overly gloomy at times and ignore problems as if they weren’t there but if you like a dominant woman in your bed then she’s probably it.

This may seem like a lot to digest but not after you’ve read it a time or two. Try experimenting with these techniques in some bar you don’t normally frequent until you’ve got it right, then start amazing your buddies with your psychic sexual abilities.

The girls will come to be just as impressed as the men – in time. If you’d really like to be the envy of other guys around you because of your ‘secret’ ability, then you need to knuckle down to some serious research. If you get it right you’ll never be short of sexual partners. Wouldn’t that make it worth the effort?


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