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When you consider NORAD, Waldo Canyon or your own IRA/401k, you need to be engaged in contingency planning.

Contingency Planning

If you ever get the chance to take the highly coveted tour of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) facility, you will be amazed at the disaster preparedness considerations that went into the design of the facility. From the giant springs that the modular buildings sit upon to the water reservoirs in the basement of the facility, you will without a doubt know that the inhabitants are ready for catastrophe. Touring this great facility was one of the highlights of my 30+ career affiliated with the Department of Defense. The tour guide will tell you it took approximately 5 years to build and cost approximately $142 million. After seeing it, no one can doubt the careful planning that went into building this impressive edifice.

During the Waldo Canyon wildfires in Colorado Springs, the various law enforcement agencies urged people to prepare to evacuate. In the news coverage in the aftermath, people who had prepared to evacuate often spoke of trying to determine what items they considered the most valuable. It was these items they would load in the cars as they drove away from their homes with a prayer that it would be spared. Since that horrific event, fire department personnel have gone through affected neighborhoods recommending landscape changes to area residents. By removing certain shrubs and trees, these fire conflagration experts are hoping to keep a ravaging fire from having so much momentum in the years ahead. One resident that was affected by the Waldo Canyon fire told me recently that her neighborhood's favorite word these days is "mitigation".

Being prepared for contingencies is vital. Whether you live on the coast, in the mountains or in the desert there are always reasons to prepare for emergencies. There are earthquakes, forest fires and sandstorms. Even if you consider the financial arena, we see instruments such as 401ks, IRAs and reverse mortgages. These are all devices that help us to prepare for our financial needs when we are older. These various strategies hopefully keep people from outliving their resources. It's all in the interest of preparedness.

Amazingly, many people don't prepare for eternity. When you consider that a person will live for thousands…no, let's say millions of years. In reality, you can't quantify infinity. But, continuum of time we spend on this earth is a very short period. The old Westminster Catechism helps set the stage for my next assertions. In this spiritual proclamation, it asks the question, "What is the chief end of man?" The answer is compelling, "To glory God and to enjoy Him." This is a great litmus test that helps us to answer whether we are prepared for what comes after this life. Are we glorifying God and are we enjoying Him in our everyday lives.

All of us are born into this world without God. Certainly He is our Creator, but sin keeps us from having a relationship with him. Of course, a baby 12 minutes old doesn't have the capacity to commit some awful sin. But, the sin nature that is within that child keeps them from being in relationship with God. Thankfully, a person is not responsible for their sin until they reach what some have called an 'age of accountability'. That's not a chronological point set in stone. But, the age of accountability is when a person is old enough to be aware of their need for a Savior. This could be six for some…ten for others. The age is not important but the response certainly is crucial to being prepared.

Jesus Christ is God's plan that gains us entry to an eternity in the Lord's presence. But, more importantly accepting the salvation that can only be found through Jesus is also a ticket to a peace and joy while walking this earth. This peace and joy is supernatural in that it can be found in Christians going through even the toughest of situations. Just as you would build a Cheyenne Mountain with preparedness in mind and just as you would have an evacuation kit already built if you live near the site of the Waldo Canyon fire, ensure you have prepared for eternity. Jesus Christ is the only one that can help you reach that level of preparedness.


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
2nd Nov 2012 (#)

Well written and informative article and thank you for sharing.

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author avatar Judy Ellen
3rd Nov 2012 (#)

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!! It does my heart so good to hear someone talk about this very important and oftentimes over looked subject!! Without Jesus nothing makes any sense!! He is my everything!!

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author avatar Ms. Ann
3rd Nov 2012 (#)

Hi Tony, Great article. Here is the line you wrote that epitomizes everything to me -"Amazingly, many people don't prepare for eternity." I was glued to the television when it was revealed how enormous this storm was. I saw a woman pick up a photo of her wedding-all she could find amid splintered remains of her home. She had her life but the material things that gave her life definition- "all gone." Then I saw neighbors helping neighbors and the President hugging a woman who was devastated by the disaster and the scripture came to mind. "Life is more than raiment." And so, "amazingly," so is the reality of eternity, which you so eloquently point out. Thanks!

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