Our Blessed Family

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All of my family, and I mean all, the babies, young girls, young girls, young women, middle aged, and the elderly are All beautiful in body, soul and spirit. All of the male babies, the young men, and even the elderly males in my family are All wise, handsome and gifted by the LORD God Almighty. This is our Blessed Family in all of these United States.

Our Blessed Family

Wow! It just dawned on me why all of the girls and women, young and old in my family are so beautiful and all of the boys and men, young and old, are so handsome. I just found out the answer. They all have Jesus on the inside. No wonder they say that beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. The LORD knows true beauty when He sees it. He ought to know because everyone and everything that He created was good in every sense of the word. I am thankful to my LORD that He gave me the wisdom and insight to let me know how blessed my family really is. I see in the totality of all of our family the goodness and the beauty of the holiness of our LORD God. When I look at the women in our family in all of them I see the beauty that only God could have endowed them with. First of all, I must say that the beauty of all of them is on the surface but goes much deeper than on the outward appearance. Their beauty is not just how they appear but how they see life and how they choose to honor their LORD God through Jesus Christ our LORD and Savior. I have notice that from the youngest to the oldest, from those that live in Alabama, Kentucky,North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Indiana,Texas, and Illinois, each one has a unique personal beauty that has been masterfully produced in body and soul and graced by the love, mercy, and Spirit of God. That’s the beauty that my eyes has been blessed to behold. If the old proverb, “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder” is true, then the Beholder of the women in my family must be given the praise, honor and glory. His loving touch on our family’s women has paintedportraits that will last throughout eternity. They are a few of the gems of the LORD. Not only are all the women blessed to be beautiful with their different colors of eyes, skin, and good looks, but all of our men are blessed to be handsome in every sense of the word. From the youngest on to the oldest, they are boys, young men and elders that have been gifted, wrapped in various colors, and are pursued, being pursued, by women who see the goodness in their hearts that only the LORD God could create them with. They have the hearts and souls of godly men. All of our family men, those in Kentucky, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, and Texas have been blessed by the LORD to be handsome men. I am one who see and know that God has done a marvelous work in the bodies, souls,and spirits of the Women and Men in our family. I don’t say this just to be putting it down in writing, but this is truth. I do it because if you know the truth, it will set you free. I want all of our women to know that you are beautiful and all of our men, I want you to know that you are handsome. I want all of our sons, daughters, grandsons, grand daughters, and great grands to know that you see yourself as God sees you, precious, beautiful, handsome just as the Image and Likeness that He created you in. His Divine Beauty. You and I are blessed!


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author avatar Teila
24th Oct 2012 (#)

Very nice!

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27th Oct 2012 (#)

I am a performer, I see myself as the one who has to finish my lifes' path before going into the world beyond.
So this is what I want to do, I want to take the whole world by storm and reveal the new face of who and what I have become. I am nobody's doormat but a mother and the daughter with a reputed background who had a rough patch in life and is now back right where I want to be.

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