Making Love To A Dream Girl (Part Five)

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If by sleeping with a woman a man loses his virginity, then no guy has ever been a virgin. Regardless of that, have hope and be yourself. In life, sometimes miracles can happen and dreams do come true. Whatever it is that you really desire in your heart, you can have it. Even that girl, if you work on yourself and change to become compatible with her, she can be yours and you'll be making love to a dream girl.

Know Your Status

"Now let's get out of here."
"Not so soon," said the mother in his head. "Do you wanna get lost? Remember, you're asking for directions to her heart not her legs. Any guy can get there. But to her heart, you need accurate directions. A man's compass is so unreliable. It can lose its bearings when you need them the most."

"Baby, you bring me alive," said Diamond. "You're more beautiful and brighter than the North Star. My compass will always be up. I can't shrink around you. I hate negativity with passion. So, before we go any further, your status please?"
"Thanks for your compliment. Any girl can use that."
"And her status too?"
"Why spoil such sweet words?"
"Lies are sweet, ain't they?"
" You don't hold any punches, do you?"
"Remember self-respecting and confident?"
"You know I'm single. I'm here to mingle and try to use my status in order to lose this one and gain another."
"Your status please! Don't you think it's my right to know whether you're positive or negative?"

She went quiet. Wanted to say something then changed her mind. "On any other day," she broke the ice. "I'd slap you really nice for your arrogance. But today, I've to clap for you because I know where you're coming from."
"You really do?"
"Of course. So, why not? If you love me enough, you'll accept me regardless of my status. If it pleases you to know and wanna leave, you're free to go now because I'm so

HIV Positive."

"Diamond, I've done things in my life that I'm not so proud of. You're a heartthrob. Every woman doesn't just wanna have a piece of you but to rob of your heart. I don't expect you to be a virgin. I regret it and wish I had done things differently especially now that it's clear; I'm not the woman you wanted. How can I please you if I can't give you what you want? You need to make love to a woman wholeheartedly to get the satisfaction you deserve. I'm not that woman. I'm bound to lose you. Do you still hate negativity now? Don't you wish I was negative?"

He looked confused for a moment but all of a sudden and much to her surprise; "Yes! Yes! Yes!" He shouted jubilantly, punching the air. "I know what you mean, baby."
"Are you sure about that? Is your head or one of your ears not upside down?"
"Heard you right baby. Do you really think I'd walk away just because you're HIV positive? Out of jealousy maybe; that somebody beat me to the pleasures of your private parts."
"I mean that secluded area, that private part deep inside your heart where I now belong."
"Ha! What have you been smoking? Are you really mocking me now at the lowest point of my life? "

Positive Attracts Positive

"Girl, be positive and you'll be a happy woman. I'm HIV positive too."
"What? You don't mean it. Why so gay and proud?"
"Why not? I got you baby. I'd be gloomy if you were not. What would I do with an HIV negative girl when I'm positive? That wouldn't just be selfish and unfair but murder."
"What are you saying?"
"Be responsible. Don't make others suffer for your stupidity or carelessness in life. Face the consequences of your actions and every mistake you make. Don't lift your finger to point and shift the blame on somebody else. Never put other people's lives in danger to ease your pain. Be a hero. Save lives. Give them hope. Don't even consider committing suicide. You never know what tomorrow brings.Tomorrow's therefore always worth living for."
"I totally agree with you. If you really care, you don't do things that will negatively affect those you love. If you know you're sick, you don't infect the ones you love."
"Yeah! Love them enough to wish them well. How would you feel if somebody infected you for fear of losing you?"

What's Love Got To Do With It

"Diamond, If I found out, you'd definitely lose me. Love's isn't about cheating or tricking me. In love, you make free not coerced decisions. Remember; for better and for worse? Normally, worse comes first. If you go, it's up to you but don't come back and drool over me tomorrow once I've moved on because love's about finding happiness you won't regret later. So, let's do this baby."

That's how they communicated then and now, Diamond still found himself saying: "Deb, you're amazing. Don't you think I'm the luckiest guy that God ever created?"
That question wasn't answered. With the smell of love still fresh in the air, he realized he'd just woken up. He looked in her face as she slept peacefully in his arms with her head resting on his chest. He kissed her nose. Every rose was still fresh in the vase and wished he'd write her a verse and ask Jolly Good old Johnnydod to publish it on wikinut.

Lot's of uneaten bars of chocolate were also still lying on the table. "It couldn't therefore possibly be an overdose of love that had knocked her down," he thought. "Maybe she needs a rest to give her best. But I need it now. Must I wake her up or should I just go ahead and do it hoping once she starts enjoying it, she'll dream making love and respond accordingly? Won't I be flogging a dead horse? What if she came alive and screamed a wrong name? Will I take the shame? If she calls it rape and it becomes a problem, will I take the blame? Is it sound to think; since we'd a candle lit dinner then she can immediately handle another round? What's my clue that she won't feel sad and blue?"

Milk With A Calming Effect

He lifted the table cloth covering her things. He was glad she too was clad in an original birth suit and looked sexier. He had no lame excuse. Even if he tried, things wouldn't be the same.The owner of his name couldn't allow him to remain put. How he was so up and if he threw up, he knew; he wouldn't just fill up a teaspoon or teacup but a teapot.
Though the sweetest and probably the only milk with a calming effect to soothe a grumpy, lovelorn woman's nerves, it wasn't condensed milk in a can with two holes that he'd easily pour out into her cup and stir it up for her. With one little hole, It was such a painful arousal and had to do the only thing a man got to do to give it to her.

Bold? No. Cold? Maybe. He was no longer a warm blooded animal. He was a man on fire with red hot blood racing through his veins. Desire was boiling inside him. Fumes of love got his heart thudding. His head was flooded with one thought. Surprisingly, he was still thinking. He wanted to lift her off the couch and head to bed. She smiled in her sleep. Got perturbed. It nearly stopped him in his tracks. "What if I disturbed her in the middle of her sweetest dream, woke up with a loud scream and her dream never came true? What kind of a dream guy will I be?"

Living A Dream

"What a way to start a honeymoon!" She said the moment her back touched the bed. "This is what I've been dreaming about since I was a little girl. I'm living it up now. Making love in a couch; wow! So romantic. First round on a coffee table, what about that for starters?"
"I thought it was rusty and more lustful than romantic. And as doubtful as it was that I'd last the first round, it was all over while you were still preparing to get into position by moving a thigh."
"And I heaved a heavy sigh of relief."

Teased For Being A Virgin

She pulled out the table cloth. He saw the blood stains.
"And that? Did I hurt you?"
"You burst my feminine gasket. Ha!Ha!Ha! Ha!" She laughed. "If I died now, I'd jump into my casket and rest in peace knowing; my soul's in heaven. I've broken my duck. Call it luck. I'm a real woman now. I've done it first with my husband. How many women can say that? Call your uncles to bring the lobola cows. Double the bride price now."

"Amanda, you mean you were still---?"
"Yes," she replied gaily. " But I'm no longer Hiding In Virginity. I came out to play, fell in love, got married to my dream guy, jumped onto bed and instead of breaking a leg, you broke my hymen on Valentine's Day. Can't you ululate? Somebody congratulate me! Lonely nights are over. I preserved myself for marriage and found real love."

He was quiet for a moment. He tried to smile but his lips puckered. Tears started rolling down his cheeks. So concerned, she kissed him. It worsened matters. He rushed into her arms. "What did I do to deserve this? Amanda, your regrets again? Am I dreaming? Oh God, I don't believe this is happening to me."
"Please don't leave me. I love you Diamond. If I didn't satisfy you, give me another chance. We ain't going anywhere. Come let's do it again. It'll get better with time. Please don't dump me on honeymoon. It'll please my friends. I won't forgive myself for clinging to my virginity this long. I'd have gained some vital experience and hit the ground running in the very first round. You'd be smiling after making love to your dream girl instead of crying. I'm a clumsy and lousy girl in bed."

"Amanda, You've HIV. I mean there's Honour In Virginity. You're the kind of woman every guy dreams of. Men only want the expertise of experienced women in the boardroom. For the bedroom, every man wants to marry a virgin though what they do before marriage and out of wedlock leaves no woman a virgin. Like an HIV positive guy that I am, call these tears of joy."
"Are you still speaking my language? And how many women are we talking about here?"
"Let me count. Can I borrow your fingers please? Mine alone won't be enough."
"Have you slept with so many?"
"I'm sorry to disappoint you."
"Seeing your qualities and quick successive rounds, I thought HIV meant High In Virility?"
"If I said no, I'd be lying. The truth is; if by sleeping with a woman a man loses his virginity, then no guy has ever been a virgin."



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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
9th Apr 2012 (#)

Hello, D in the Darling. I have to go over this again as am not sure what is going on here. If it is Part 5, I have not read the previous episodes. I thought you pages, The Day America Becomes a Democracy, were very powerful. Pleased to see you back.

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author avatar D in The Darling
10th Apr 2012 (#)

Hi my dear friend Ivyevelyn,
Surely you must start from the first episode. The sixth and last one coming soon. Enjoy!

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author avatar Sheila Newton
9th Apr 2012 (#)

Well, D in the Darling, you've written an amazing page. Loved every philosophical word of it. You sure are 'living the dream' !!!

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author avatar D in The Darling
10th Apr 2012 (#)

Hi Sheila,
That coming from you, really means so much to me. Thanks a million. I guess great friends like you are the ones that keep me going. God bless!

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author avatar Buzz
9th Apr 2012 (#)

Thanks, D m with you all the way!!

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author avatar D in The Darling
10th Apr 2012 (#)

I happy to have you for company. We can do this!

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author avatar xphantoms
10th Apr 2012 (#)

Dream, all people have dream, like

Reply to this comment

author avatar D in The Darling
10th Apr 2012 (#)

Thanks xphantoms!

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author avatar Tranquilpen
13th Apr 2012 (#)

Well D, now it's my turn to say, I'll come back for a re check when the admin department misplaced the star for this piece of excellence. Thank you for reminding the readers about HIV my friend, since we are loosing many loved ones to this terible disease.

Reply to this comment

author avatar D in The Darling
14th Apr 2012 (#)

Hahahahaha! I like that. I think Johnny is too sober when he's moderating our pages. We must do something to make him sleep on the job.

Thanks for visiting.

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author avatar The Elements
27th Apr 2012 (#)

I havent read your previous pages, but this is so informative and nice to read. Keep it up.

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author avatar D in The Darling
30th Apr 2012 (#)

Thanks The Elements,
Go ahead and read as many as you can. God bless!

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
29th Apr 2012 (#)

Hey, I wonder how i missed your works. Your prose is like verse. The words flow seamlessly into the next and sound lyrical.
He kissed her nose. Every rose was still fresh in the vase and wished he'd write her a verse and ask Jolly Good old Johnnydod to publish it on wikinut. What a sentence! Fabulous writing.

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author avatar D in The Darling
30th Apr 2012 (#)

GV Rama Rao, thanks for noticing and appreciating my writing. The truth is, I take my time to build my story and do that around properly chosen and well woven words. I'm a lyricist. If you wanna listen to some of my songs, I can give you a link.

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