Live the Lords Prayer on the Dads Day

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Fathers Day or the Dads Day is celebrated in most of the countries in the month of June. Lord’s prayer is the prayer taught by Jesus to call God as the heavenly Father. It is a prayer not only to say in words but also to live in deeds of life.

Live the Lord's Prayer-Dad's Day

Fathers Day is observed in most of the parts of the world in the month of June to thank and honor fatherhood. God is our heavenly Father who created us all on this earth. Fathers Day is a reminder to live the Lord’s Prayer in thoughts, words and deeds. It is a prayer for fathers as well as mom and children. Try to live the Lord’s Prayer at least on this year’s Father’s Day.

The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer which Jesus taught contains eight parts. The first half of the prayer is towards heaven and the second half is for life on this earth. Let us try to live these eight parts in our life.

A life in heaven

1) Our Father in heaven

A father represents God the Father in a family and introduces the heavenly Father to the children. It is God who gives children and make the family happy. Looking at dad in the family they grow in the love of God. A dad makes the family a heaven of love and joy. The father who loves his children is diligent to discipline them. (Proverb 13:24)

2) Hallowed be thy Name

Dad in the family teaches his children to love and honor the heavenly Father. This reciprocates in the love and respect of children towards their dad. The children grow up well, keeping up the name of the family.

3) Thy Kingdom come

Children taste the heavenly pleasure when dad tries his best to make his family a part of God’s kingdom. It is not money or wealth that makes a family joyful, but it is the love and sharing which lead to peaceful life.

4) Thy will be done in earth- As it is in heaven

When a dad tries his best to abide by the will of God and live accordingly, the family members find a pleasant and contented life on the earth.

Heavenly life on this earth

5) Give us this day our daily bread

It has been a traditional practice that the dad works hard to find means to feed his family. God feeds us all through his natural resources. It is man’s greed that has created scarcity and hunger on this earth. A responsible dad finds means to feed his family. A dad nourishes his family not only with the bread of his toil but also with the Word of God.

6) And forgive us our trespasses- As we forgive them that trespass against us

Forgiveness and friendship starts in the family. Dad takes initiative to keep up amicable relationship with his spouse and children. Accepting one another and sharing everything, including emotions, bring peace and joy in a family.

7) Lead us not into temptation

As the father, so are his wife and children. Dad in the family is the first role model for a child. Modern lifestyle offers a lot of chances to go away from the track of morality. A dad in the family, with his fervent prayer and his exemplary life, can help the family avoid temptations.

8) But deliver us from evil

In these days of Internet and cyber crimes, a dad has an important duty to protect the family from every evil.

Fathers Day is a great day of love and responsibility. Consumerism and commercialism should not overshadow or demerit the importance of the day. If dads and the family members live the Fathers Day, life on the earth will surely be the greatest joy.


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Beautiful thoughts,my friend.

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17th Jun 2012 (#)

Thank you dear brother

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16th Jun 2012 (#)

I love this! It is so true! We all need to be reminded of the importance of Father's Day especially from a Christian perspective!

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17th Jun 2012 (#)

Thank you dear

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