Lip Service

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"In the lips are touch and pressure receptors which fire off messages to the brain," he said. "So you know straight away that this is a friend's kiss or a lover's kiss

Lip Service

You like a girl with a mouth and body built for sin, so how perfect would it be to find a girl with the lips and figure of Marilyn Monroe? Heaven on earth, for any red-blooded male, without a doubt, but could he cut the mustard when things got steamy?
Maybe it really is all in the kiss – because new scientific research found that the size of lips plays a key role in determining sexually attractiveness to other people. Basically, the bigger the better – but don’t overdo the enhancement surgery, because too big is bad.

Every man likes a girl to have a pair of rich, ruby lips that look perfect for all kinds of sin, and the reasons are simple. A full-blown session of passionate necking is so much more enjoyable when those lips are full and juicy, both for the girls and the guys. Thin lips don’t hold much promise.

Mick Jagger look-alikes, though, are by no means guaranteed to be hits with the opposite sex. Professor Michael Cunningham, psychologist of University of Louisville, explained his findings. "Generally speaking, big is better than small," he said. "But it is possible to go a little too far and then be unattractive."


Professor Cunningham said that women look for a combination that suggests sensuality and ruggedness, but it’s also important that a man's lips give the impression of virility - any sign of femininity is a big turn-off. He also says that "At the same time, there should be some hint of generosity and warmth, so medium-sized lips are probably better on men, than either too small or too large.”

His research also suggests that men are looking for a sizzling combination of fullness, redness and warmth in women’s lips, and women who purse their lips send out a signal, subconsciously or not, that they are not really interested in a sexual advance. If a woman is holding her lips very tightly clenched, that is not a good sign.

Professor Cunningham's experiments involved making minute adjustments to parts of the face to find out how the changes altered sexual attraction, and they found that while good lips make an attractive face even better, they can’t help a face that is unattractive in other ways.


"The lips can convey real warmth and receptivity," said Professor Cunningham. "They are so expressive, and when someone is genuinely pleased to see you, they flush and become fuller and darker. They show that sensuality and warmth that we all look out for in a partner."

Roy Levin, a psychologist from Sheffield University, UK, said the act of kissing was loaded with sensory stimulation. "In the lips are touch and pressure receptors which fire off messages to the brain," he said. "So you know straight away that this is a friend's kiss or a lover's kiss." In general, the researchers found that a small nose, big eyes and voluptuous lips are sexually attractive both in men and women


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