How schools these days prepare students for their future?

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Honestly saying......What good does school even bring for students in preparation for their future?

Schooling benefits

Some people, especially students, claim that school does nothing to prepare them for the unforgiving world outside the protective barrier of parents and schools. I don’t blame them. As a student myself, going through those tedious lectures everyday can really affect you to view school as nothing but a prison for students, but if you take some time and think about it, without school, we would never be able to strive in the outside world.

Everyone knows that school teaches us simple mathematical skills such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. These basic and vital skills are an absolute necessity for us to survive in the outside world. Without it, we could easily be cheated by vendors. Also, learning to count has saves us from a lot of embarrassment, I mean can you imagine how shameful it can be if you didn’t know how to multiply and had to ask the sales person how much it would cost to buy three $20 blouses. Even if you don’t ask, and given the fact that you still don’t know how to multiply, it would take you a whole lot of time to use your fingers to count…and don’t forget, you only have ten fingers.

School also teaches us to communicate and work as a team. This is very important skill when you start working some day. If you can’t communicate well or fight with your teamates all the time, you can become insurmountable for your boss which is a terrible thing because that would mean you have a high chance of being sacked from your job.These days, it is very unlikely for you to work as a loner,but even if you work from home, you need to be able to communicate with your clients and customer in order to earn a living.

Many school these days incorporate computer class to student’s timetables. These classes can come in handy, especially in a modern world like today where almost everything uses Internet. A lot of jobs these days requires applicant to have basic computer navigating skills. Even if a job doesn’t require it, one would definitely still find computer skills very important when it comes to searching for information (Google) or online shopping or even paying bills.

School of course, has be teaching students to be discipline since forever. When a student becomes a member in the workforce one day, discipline is crucial to prevent from getting fired from a job. When they are young, students are trained to go to school at a certain time and if they are late, a stern lecture of detention is given. When they are older, they may also be required to abide to the working hours given to them, but this time, if they are not discipline, they get a boot from the boss instead of the blabbering disciplinary teacher.
These are only the few things school does to prepare students to survive and strive in the outside world. Sure, you may say school is boring and irritating, but to me, it is undeniably an important part of our life.


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