How Do you know if you if you have Real Love

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Love shouldn't be neglected in relationships, most relationships lack love and communication. Focus on real love if possible. this will make you see how special life can be with your partner.

Love and Relationships

What is real love and how do you know if you have this kind of love?

A love commitment, for a relationship to thrive.

You can't live without your partner, it feels like you are losing your partner's affection and life for you is not livable.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone whose survival truly depended on love?

The person who made you sit down and and make life bearable, the one who would take their own life if the relationship didn't work out.

Do you need your partner like you would need oxygen, the kind of love that is more like desperation.
At first it would feel romantic, but after a while the needs of your partner fails.

You can't survive without him or her, this reflects infancy, something like you could die for like if the gardener didn' come to work. Often anticipating your needs.

The nurturing hunger, means you are in middle of psychological regression. The feeling as an abandonment, a child that needs parenting, right away.

Don't start dating if you feel this way.

Not able to live without someone is a stage for real love

Your love for your partner will definitely change

Another promise that is more likely to scuttle in a relationship.

Peopel change all the time, you get older, learn more about life, and know at some point you don't feel the same for your partner. You get sick, get well again, gain or lose weight, and you find new interests. A relationship must be fluid to last all the changes.

Some people are afraid they will lose love, the opposite is true, a love that adapts to new changes is indestructable.

Infatuation relaxes you into comapanionship, a kind of love that flares up again, and you see new things to love about each other. When there are problems and during an illness, the obligation can feel stornger, than the attraction.

During these times you bond with your partner, love finds its way through any obstacle, while freezing it some places with fragility, rigidness, and likely to shatter in some places.

Your partner is not everything you need

Sexual monogamy, the partners that claim that they need only one romantic person in their lives. Some couples believe in fulfilling each others needs, and one becomes tired of doing such things, and is not able to devlope fully as an individual.

A relationship is not enough to make you completely happy. Sacrificing all your needs to make the relationship work, and strengthen, have mutual feelings about this, and work together. Support one another.

An indivdual won't always hold their partner close

The lines, 'I love you so much' and 'I want to share my life with you', 'until death do us part', those who say stuff like that , love each other like spider sand flies. The one that captures, wrap, them in immobilizing fetter, and drain them out, the peckish moments.

A kind of love you don't want

A possessive and exploitation love that is involved with control, whereas true love is based on setting the beloved free to make his or her own choices. To get out of the sticky situation be truthful, if you don't obey the spider man you are in for a thrill.

A relationship where you and your partner are not one

A chameleon in this case neither a spider no a fly, the one who morphs to match the other.
This is not a healthy relationship, when the personality of one changes, to match the other. Not a relationship at all.

Tuning into your partner's needs and forget your own needs, a denial of self ultimately, more like resentment, making other close relationships go bad.

Follow your heart the direction your partner won't be going , and know your differneces. Agree to disagree, in this way you wil see that you can be loved as you are, if you dominate you will see how interesting love can be, with the actual person.

As you can taste the salt in the ocean, that enlightens you about the taste of freedom, and there is no differnece from knowing reall love. Some see committment as a trap, the healthy way allows you to be free, bring out the true you, and have a love that is satisfiyng, and lasting.


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12th May 2012 (#)

Good read. Thank you for sharing.

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12th May 2012 (#)

Pretty complex and difficult subject you are dealing with. I find it difficult to understand human nature and behavior. Thanks anyway for sharing.

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