Hallelujah chapter two

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Jeolousy & Envy the scurge of all life forms. Can there ever be peace in our hearts?

Only one realm is safe

Hallelujah second chapter

Good morning brothers and sisters. praise the lord for his glory this morning hallelujah.
Today I want to ask you, can someone anywhere tell me where the entities named jealousy and envy came from? Yes, I said jealousy and envy those two insanities that tore apart the tranquility of even heaven. Those all consuming putrid powers that cost half of the luminaries including the mighty arch angel Lucifer their state of deity, can I get an amen and hallelujah.
We get on our knees, yes we do, we beg and beseech, we threat and barter, and we pass laws and go to war trying to achieve world peace and harmony. But, listen to me now, jealousy and envy blast away every foundation that we build to construct world wide brotherhood, are you listening to me now, hallelujah.
Be silent and still now while I educate you. In all of the places where beings are known to exist, are you listening, there is only one where jealousy and envy have no power. Let me repeat myself, there is only one place where jealousy and envy are loathe to go. Do you want to know where that place is? Hear me now, that loathsome place is the dungeons of hell. How can that be you say.
The citizens of that place whose name we recoil from are all working toward one great and ultimate goal. Every citizen of that realm is equally important, no endeavor or are achievement goes unnoticed . Every ones contribution is appreciated. Everyone’s individuality of thought is absorbed into the whole. Hell is a growing thriving well organized union. Jealousy and envy can find no quarter there because unlike every other realm of inhabitance;
Every individual of that dark mysterious world is willing to do what ever it takes to obtain success, hold on to your hearts children. The citizens of hell have one all encompassing goal that they are working toward, and that is the complete and total annihilation of all other beings. Lord have mercy on us.
Enjoy the rest of your day children; don’t forget your tides on the way out. And always praise the lord, hallelujah


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author avatar vpaulose
8th Jul 2010 (#)

nice reading

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author avatar Godwill
11th Jul 2010 (#)

You have really touched a very serious matter. These are problems eating up mankind even though everyone walks with a straight face as though it does not concern us. The truth is that until mankind realizes that these things are real, we can't live better. Thanks for posting.

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author avatar snooky
12th Jul 2010 (#)

Thank you for all commemnts and taking the time to read my utterences.

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