Examination Tips for Law Students

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The exams that law students regularly take during their time in law school are perhaps some of the most difficult, here is a few tips to help.

Examination Tips for Law Students

The exams that law students regularly take during their time in law school are perhaps some of the most difficult which is why it helps to know some examination tips before a first year law student takes one. Unlike in other exams where you just have to supply the answers, in law school exams you also have to develop good writing skills. Time is limited and you have a lot to write, thus here are some strategies that will help you out.

Instead of writing down your answer right away, try to take a minute or two to organize your thoughts and make a mental outline of your essay. Try to make it a point that the issues, rule of law, supporting paragraphs, analysis, arguments and counter arguments, and conclusion follows an orderly and coherent flow. This is one of the examination tips you must not forget because how well you present your answers to the reader, your professor, will have a great bearing on your exam grade.

Many law students have also learned to befriend others who took a professor’s classes during previous semesters in order to take a look at the professor’s previous exams. Sometimes you don’t have to make this effort though because some professors keep a file of their previous examinations for their current students to review. While the answers are not included, at least you will have an idea on the kind of questions that the professor usually asks. You will also be able to hold a group study session with classmates to brainstorm on possible answers. This is surely one of the most useful examination tips to follow.

Lastly, make sure to budget your time during the exam. Don’t spend too much time on one question to the detriment of the other questions that might be left unanswered. This is why it is important to make an outline at first so that you will have an idea how much time you have left. With these examination tips you will have confidence to tackle those difficult law school exam questions.


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