Elementary Friends

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A friend is someone who knows who you are, understand what you’ve been through and still invites you to grow.

Elementary Friends

Elementary Friends


Time is moving on very past
We should find ways to make it last
Remember the things we do
And try to make our dreams come true

Friends we have lost and new ones found
Love them all and just look around
As the day’s move on, we’ll all apart
It’s something that tears our heart

So please my friends remember this
That our lives our only a bliss
And this moment just think of us
Do not forget the things for it last

It had been almost ten years since I graduated from elementary but I could still remember the wonderful excitement that I had when I got my diploma like it was just yesterday. I had been so excited about it the same time I dread leaning my grade school years behind. All the excitement, all the fear and all the happiness are mixed up during graduation day. I can hardly explain but as march out there (with graduation tune in the background) you’ll be dumbfounded and say “Whoa! This is it”

Looking back at those grade school years, I can’t help but smile. I remember all my troubles and mischief, my achievement and success and of course my friend. The friends that I knew since kindergarten are the people that I shared all my experiences, both good and bad. They were the primary witnesses of my childhood mischief and some of them were the accomplices too.

As I remember my graduation day, mixed memories run into my mind but there was one vivid picture that always sees every time I reminisce the old days. It was the class picture with the bright smiles of our classmates and me. I can still remember the unexplainable feeling of joy when we had that picture taken.

Those friends that were so dear to me (and still are) were just like old acquaintances to me and I hope that we can have our reunion. I’ll try to catch up and at the time remember the happy faces that we saw in our class picture

So even we don’t share the same classroom together now, the magic of our friendship hope still keeps us together and us we moved on to our new life, meet new friends, and enter a new school , it’s doesn’t matter. Because I know that those people in the class picture are my dearest friends and not just an old acquaintance.

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