Eight Secrets to Happiness

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When you are down, all you need are these seven secret to find your happiness!

Steps to happiness!

1.Be Emotionally Independent. When your think everything has gone down the drain, you need to pull yourself up. You can’t wait for a helping hand. Some helping hand might appear, but most of the time, you have to help yourself. You’ve got to make yourself happy, give yourself a treat without asking anyone, give yourself a good pat on the back and never let anyone take that happiness away from you.

2. Mentally and physically healthy. Depression is a very serious thing in this society these days. Very serious depression can lead to suicide, run-aways-from-home and also killing. So one must be mentally healthy in order to be happy. Not only that, one can never be happy if they are physically sick. I’m sure no one is ever happy in hospital beds right?

3. Banish jealousy. Everyone will be jealous at one point of their lives. A teen may be jealous of a cute guy going out with a snobby cheerleader, an adult may be jealous at that rich man that does nothing to be rich, an old folk might be jealous of the teens for being so young. But if you take jealousy to far, it will only bring bad to yourself. So banishing jealousy is very important! Who knows, the cute guy might dump the cheerleader for you? The rich guy might get robbed? And the teen you are jealous of might be the next scientist who invent an anti-aging pill?

4. Hold on to your close ones. Even if you must move to north pole, you should never lose contact with your close ones. Get a husky dog to send a letter to your best friend if you have to. Family and friends are the only one you can trust when everything falls apart. They are also the ones you trust when you are very successful. So holding on to your close ones is very important. Never let them go!

5. Do good things, learn good things. When you do something special for someone, you would be proud of yourself. And that’s happiness. When you succeed in learning good things from others, you would gain a good amount of knowledge and the next time you have you use those knowledge, you would feel happy that you’ve have learned it earlier on.

6. Make every detail count. Every small thing counts. Even that little snack you boyfriend make for you. Even that little friendship bracelet your best friend make for you. Even that small breakfast you mother provide for you. Appreciate even the smallest thing because everything counts, everything is important and everything happens for a reason.

7. Let go off the past. It doesn’t mean you have to let go, you just have to stop grieving. Clinging on to the past is not an option. We must always learn from the past and let go of it. If you save a bird, you’ll have to set it free one day, cause if you don’t , the bird might not have space to fly, it might be lonely with out its own companion. So we must let go off the past.

8. Smile. It’s not hard to smile, but it’s hard to smile happily. Many people mask themselves with a fake smile. It’s not real, doesn’t count. Find a friend, share a secret, tell a joke, smile together!


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author avatar Shaunak
11th Aug 2012 (#)

Great Share. I am currently following about 4 or 5 of these steps and i'll try and follow other steps too. Thanks for sharing

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