Dating Techniques: How to Identify a Player From a Keeper

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There is probably no perfect relationship and some remain a dream full of illusion. So the real perspectives need to be weight out the reality sides of dating and finding the one true love so elusive most of the times. Yet with proper identification of the earliest signs one could saves a lot of troubles and heartaches.

1. The Most Valuable Player

Being popular is the strongest lineage so being a varsity player or famous athletes. A guy of this type could easily magnet any gal with his amazing killer lines along side being a manipulator at the same time using quotes from famous movies. He could easily magnet a girl without any effort. Just like a sportsman hitting the goal is the primary objective to collect many girls treated like a trophy to brag along sides. Any famous athletes who exhibit the same quality it may be like Cristiano Ronaldo.

2. The Arrogant

A great pretender most of the time simply act humble most of the time. His keyword your life would be incomplete without him on your side. So he is full of selfishness since he like his girl to depend on him. Because he is so precious to stay with all the amenities and pleasure he could give. Just like Chuck Bass ( Ed Westwick ) in Gossip Girl.

3. The sweet talker

The romantic type of guy send love quotes mostly from poems or from famous writers just to captivate the heart of a girl. So dedicate and so sensitive. Any gal could easily be trap when it hit your softer emotional sides most of the times. It could be perceives as an honest approach. Just like Vincent Chase ( Adrian Grenier ) from the Tv series Entourage.

4. The Silent Killer

He keep a humble image most of the times such as treating every girl he meet nicely. So most of the times they appear friendly and his approach could be misleading most of the times. Truly, be wary of these types of guys you may never know you’re already falling or dating one of these players. Just like ( Damon Salvatorre) Ian Somerhalder from the Vampire Diaries, indeed with magnetic eyes and killer smiles he could lure any women without any hard effort

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22nd Mar 2011 (#)

Your right, nothing is perfect in a relationship. thanks 4 sharing.

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