Dangers of falling in love with a married person

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Falling in love with married people is some things girls are doing for an extended time. Being a mistress is nothing new, however is it values it?

Inviting Trouble

So many girls get entangled with a spouse as a result of he makes guarantees of feat his married person and stepping into a committed relationship with them, and that they typically find yourself waiting forever for him or find yourself simply being his mistress- nothing additional. The primary issue you wish to try and do before obtaining formally involved a spouse is to raise yourself some serious queries. The subsequent queries can assist you decide whether or not or not being a mistress is worthwhile.

The Choices

Falling in love is a process. One does not wake up one day and find they are in love. It is therefore not an accident. It is a choice. When someone makes this choice, they are agreeing to being degraded and regarded as the last option. A relationship with someone who is married does not have value. In other people’s eye, you are either a husband snatcher or a wife thief. Even if you eventually get together in the long run, the mutual respect is lost forever.

Prepared to be Second Priority?

One issue you must perpetually confine mind is that his married person and family can perpetually precede you, despite what percentage issues he claims to own reception. Keeping you as his secret mistress is a noticeable sign that he's not able to lose his married person. If he was, then he would simply leave her and be with you, however instead- he has chosen to spare her the pain and embarrassment as a result of he loves her- and can still keep you a secret for as long as you let him. Square measure you able to be second priority?


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
25th Jun 2012 (#)

very interesting...I fell in love with a gay man and that was most unfortunate but we were both passionate for a while!!!!

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author avatar Benter Adede
26th Jun 2012 (#)

You just confirmed it, cnwriter, it was "for a while" such relationships never last!

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author avatar C.T. Aretz
25th Jun 2012 (#)

Yeah, putting ones out there for a married woman is not a risk I would like to take with my heart. Also, I wouldn't want my wife (when I get married) to cheat on me, why would I do it to her -- for those who are married and cheat, why did you get married in the first place. It just doesn't make any sense.

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author avatar Benter Adede
26th Jun 2012 (#)

Way to go C.T. Aretz, and may you find a faithful wife.

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
26th Jun 2012 (#)

A woman signals if she is interested and that signal should never be given to a married man.
If he is married and lying that he is single, then first of all, we should ask to meet his mother/father/sister/brother. Not his best friend, he will lie along with him. Thank you, Benter. An interesting page.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Jun 2012 (#)

Love is blind as they say. Watch every step is the warning that will stand every young girl in good stead. There are too many smooth talkers around everywehere. Good post, Benter - siva

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