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A wedding is a beautiful memory you want preserved. . . .hire a photographer. . . and let them do their job.

The Family Photographers

The first thing you need to do is set BOUNDARIES! If you fail to tell them when their flash will affect your photography then it is your responsibility.
Setting Rules:
1. When I am doing the "couples" pictures; please wait until I have completed my shot and then I will allow you 1 minute to capture your shots.
2. When I am doing family pictures; please wait until I have completed my shots and then I will give others 1 minute to capture their shots.
3. During the intimate moments that I am doing specialty captures please do not interfere. These are for the bride and groom to have professional captures of their special day.
4. Explain to the Bride and Groom that should their family interfere with the photography that you will be charging an extra $100 fee for your time that it takes to edit due to family interference.
5. Take the photographs that you would want taken at your wedding!! and then some.

The Suggestors

There are always those who "suggest" how the photographs should be taken.
This is difficult to handle because you may offend the Bride and Groom. The simple solution to this problem is to suggest that the Happy Couple make a list of the 15 captures that they desire most. They can give you a printed list or even printed pictures from the internet so that you can a plan of action to follow. Make the list small enough to be useful and maintain your creativity and yet large enough to make the couple believe they are in control of their important day.

The Children

Children never seem to want to cooperate. Bribery works well, to a point. You do not want to upset the family members because you sugar up their children. You might make an investment of a few dollars and offer stuffed animals to the younger children, or party prizes to the older children. It keeps them occupied and you can utilize them to get the captures you need to please the couple.

The Party

Some of the best captures at a wedding are taken at the reception. These should not be formal, they should be at random capturing those moments that people usually don't realize they have had taken.
Suggest to your happy couple to purchase 10 to 50 disposable cameras and set them around the reception hall so that their guests can also participate in capturing those "special" moments for the happy couple.

The Edits & The Delivery & The Payment

Ensure that your couple is aware that you will need time to edit and examine all captures that were taken. Most people do not realize that this takes time to accomplish in a professional manner. Let them know that it will be at least 2 weeks before everything is examined and edited. Make sure you get it done within that time limitation.
Delivery of the prints is a personal thing. Do you have a printer you can print professional quality from or do you need to have them processed.. .. .. ..makes quite a difference in cost; take that into consideration.
Payment ~ Always remember that when it comes to money you can make more friends then you can enemies. However!!!! They HIRED you knowing that you were their friend and should pay you as a professional!
But what if they don't pay you then you must judge whether you are willing to lose a friendship over a few dollars.
It really is a JUDGEMENT call and one each photographer must make of their own accord.
In the perfect world everything will go perfect ~ but this ain't no perfect world!

Most Important Thing To Remember:
This is a job and you are getting paid so do your best.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
15th Aug 2012 (#)

Useful tips. Ones needs a lot of patience and also tact! siva

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author avatar A K Rao
15th Aug 2012 (#)

That is a first hand experience shared by you as an professinal marriage photographer which is highly appreciated ! Thanks!

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author avatar Karman's Kreations
15th Aug 2012 (#)

One thing for sure is that patience is one of the MOST important things you must have next to your camera and batteries. :)

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